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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a legal and environmental concept that aims to make producers responsible at all stages of the product life cycle, from design to disposal, in order to reduce environmental impact and promote a more sustainable circular economy.

Recydata is the only organisation offering its services for setting up extended producer responsibility systems in Belgium.

Thanks to our close cooperation with Valipac, the Belgian extended producer responsibility organisation for industrial packaging, we have extensive expertise in the waste sector, both household and industrial. We have built up a relationship of trust with all the stakeholders in the waste value chain, from producers to waste collectors to treatment centres. Our close relationships and proven credibility are also recognised by the sector’s federations. Their confidence in us is the result of a close and transparent collaboration, where each party is committed to achieving the highest standards of quality and performance.


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The European dimension of reporting

1) Products subject to new extended producer responsibilities

Belgium is a pioneer in Europe in implementing new EPR obligations (mattresses, textiles, furniture, etc.). These obligations will also come into force in other European countries in the coming years (European legislation).

It would seem logical that companies operating at European level should want to have a central reporting point and uniform reporting across Europe. This is where Recydata comes in, by becoming the independent European administrator of third-party data for products placed on the market.

The possibility of a European declaration system for products placed on the market is currently being discussed with the mattresses, furniture and construction materials sector.

2) Information on product circularity

Databases relating to the circularity of materials are becoming important in the context of the SDGs, CSRD reports, eco-modulation in contributions to EPR organisations, etc.

Recydata, in collaboration with Valipac, wants to develop the current database on the rate of recycled content in industrial packaging so that it becomes the European reference (and is extended to other applications).

Security“and “confidentiality” are essential to our mission. We draw on many years’ experience in various sectors and have set up a “black box” function based on clearly defined procedures.

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