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Our activities range from managing collection projects for specific waste streams to setting up extended producer responsibility organisations. From market analyses to the coordination of operational activities, we provide comprehensive support throughout the process. As an independent third party, we collect, verify and aggregate data on the placing on the market of products at national and European level, making reliable information available to all stakeholders.


Why work together with Recydata?

Recydata is the only organisation offering its services for setting up extended producer responsibility systems in Belgium.

Thanks to our close cooperation with Valipac, we have established a relationship of trust with all stakeholders in the waste value chain, from producers and their federations to waste collectors and treatment centres.

Our customer-focused approach and commitment to operational excellence have also helped us forge a positive image with the authorities. We are recognised as a reliable and responsible partner, complying with all applicable regulations and actively contributing to environmental protection.


How can Recydata help you?

Thanks to our extensive network, fuelled by our collaboration with Valipac, we are able to provide tailor-made waste management solutions. Our extensive network enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers’ needs.

We are committed to providing a quality service at a basic cost, without compromising on reliability or customer focus. Our customer-focused approach enables us to understand and respond to the specific needs of each customer, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

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Our references

Recydata is currently behind the creation of 3 extended producer responsibility organisations in various fields such as used oils, frying oils and fats and mattresses.

We are currently preparing to set up an extended producer responsibility system for textiles and are launching a study into a holistic approach to the management of construction waste.

At the same time, we are coordinating a project to collect and recycle PU insulation boards.