Recycle PIR/PUR off-cuts for free

PUre offers building contractors a simple solution for disposing of off-cuts from PIR/PUR insulation boards on their building sites in the province of Antwerp. By taking part in this pilot project, they are helping to create a circular future for PIR/PUR insulation boards in insulating floor toppings or pressed panels.

How does it work?

The contractor asks for free collection bags from a participating waste collector and fills them with off-cuts of PIR/PUR insulation boards. He then returns the filled bags free of charge to the same collector.

No additional costs

The bags are provided free of charge during the pilot project by the collector responsible for emptying the construction waste container. The cost of the project is financed by the producers of PIR/PUR insulation boards.

Why this project?

Producers of PIR/PUR insulation panels are looking for solutions to improve recycling of their products. The first step is the selective collection of production off-cuts. Once collected, these off-cuts will be recycled into new products such as insulating floor toppings and PU-based pressed boards.

What happens next?

During the project, the collection and processing of PIR/PUR insulation boards will be evaluated. The following questions will be answered:

  • Should the collection method be adapted?
  • Does the quality of the material meet the requirements for further processing?
  • Are any other elements required to enable this collection on a larger scale?

Project partners